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Lovely Nabi : PT 41
He stood there in the cold dewy grass of the early morning. The dirt at his feet was still soft from where they had just burried her. He could feel eveyone at his back as he stood there holding her picture. Tears welled up in his eyes making the morning sky a blurr.
“Kookie we should get going.” Namjoon trying to be the strong leader he was didn’t even look like he was about to cry. How could he though, his closest frined was in a coma and she was dead. Kookie also wondered how Yoongi was even able to function. Even now it seemed like he wasn’t completely there and if Kookie’s nose was right he could also smell the faint hint of whisky on his breath.
“What is he doing here?” Yoongi who was right beside him was looking back over his shoulder. Jungkook turned and saw Zico standing a few rows back amongst the headstones. It was only right for him to be here. He loved her too and even though they didn’t get along maybe he can make peace with her. Handing the picture to Yoongi he moved behind him pushing him away from the gravesight.
“Let’s go Yoongi you can come see her again later okay?”
“Yea yea whatever.” Yoongi stumbled a little, was he still drunk even now. Could seeing her in the ground be that hard on him? Yes he loved her Kookie knew that but they weren’t actually together. Maybe it was the only way he could cope with it. When they reached the edge of the graveyard Kookie turned back to look at ther once more. Zico was standing in front of her grave a bandaged hand reaching out to touch the marble marker. It looked like his other arm was in a sling, what could have happened to him since the last time they all saw each other.
“Hey why don’t we all go get something to eat? I’m starving.” Hoseok was smiling so big but it seemed so off. It wasn’t his regular happy smile, he was forcing it to hide his pain. Jimin just nodded his head, he had been in a cloud these past few days. He hadn’t really gotten enough time to make things completely right with her. Jungkook knew that just from the change of how she acted around him. V had been silent and to himself since they found him. Whatever had happened to him wasn’t good and no one was really ready to ask just yet. They had already been through so much with loosing her.
“Yea let’s go get some food what do you say Yoongi?”
“I’ll just go home.”
“Come on you can’t skip out just to be alone.” Jimin had spoken up.
“Lets go eat at her favorite place.” Yoongi reluctantly agreed to go with them.
“I’m going to go check up on Jin you guys go ahead.” As much as everyone wanted to tell him to join them they all knew where he needed to be. There was still hope that Jin could wake up, everyone was clinging to that hope.
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i just found this fanfic man im in tears right now
a year ago·Reply
@Saeda1320 you really went for it I see. Didn't even pace yourself. I'm hoping the tears mean you like it....?
a year ago·Reply
@SugaOnTop once i started i couldn't stop . This fanfic was amazing after nabi died i was crying in every chapter. if you write anymore fanfics im definitely going to be reading them
a year ago·Reply
@Saeda1320 I have two more I'm working on. A romance called Just Friends and a thriller called TRI. Both have their own collection on my page
a year ago·Reply
@SugaOnTop okay i will make sure i check them out
a year ago·Reply