Thank you so much to @Lexxisco for the tag! Without further ado...
1. I am a Sophmore in Highschool & I am one of those weirdos who actually genuinly likes school.
 2. As a freshmen, I got a 21 on my first try at taking the ACT! (Plus, I got over my major test anxiety.)
3. I am *not so secretly* obsessed with History! (Especially Korean history -> Joseon Dynasty is my absolute favorite!!)
4. I am also really obsessed with Sungyunkwan Scholars & Confucius! ^^
 5. Even though I would absolutely love to go to Sungkyunkwan University to see the Sungkyunkwan building on campus, my dream school is Dankook University. I plan to go to Kent State and go abroad to Dankook for a summer. (The rooming is of no charge too!) FUN FACT: Ji Chang Wook, T.O.P, Taecyeon, & Rain all went to Dankook :3
 6. I have a serious fear of forgetting. I've always had it and because of it, I feel as if every little thing and detail is of importance. (Which is one of two problems I have with writing. The other one is my low confidence.)
7. Going along with number 6, I have a fairly good memory. (thank god xD)
8. I have a 고양이 named Smokey. I've had her since I was six years old. :3 (This is her ^)
9. I have a weird obsession with extremely cheesy & cute romance dramas (I mainly watch Korean, Taiwanese, & Japanese) I also have an enormous obsession with ulzzang couples/boys. (히히히, I'm so weird.) My absolute favorite is definitely the first gif. (OMG the feels )
10. Don't worry! I have more aesthetic where that came from! Basically, if it is a cute animal, cute ulzzang anything, or anything else cute, it's likely in my aesthetic folder. Oh! I also have a lot of photography stuff too. Again, that first gif is literally one of the greatest, cutest, and most beautiful things ever. xD
 11. This may sound weird, but I have an extreme fear of being a "bad" person. Since I was little I have always had a strong sense of loyalty, patience, helpfulness, and a lot more. (I even write my friends notes out for them if they miss school. Sometimes, if two of my friends are gone, I end up writing three sets of notes in ONE class~!! I like to though, although I think my hand ends up feeling otherwise )
12. I love knowledge. I love to study, I love to learn, and I love to give knowledge. Everything about it just makes me suuuper happy.
13. My favorite language is Korean and then Chinese. And I am super excited because I finally found a singer (if anyone doesn't know of him, his name is Bii) that sings Korean, Chinese, AND English ALL IN ONE SONG!!!! (I added links to his mixed song, his Korean song, and one of his Taiwanese ones. If anybody wants to hear~)
 14. This one is really obvious, but I owe my life to k-pop. Until I found k-pop, a few months shy of 2015, I was having a terrible time coping and going through life. Just in my 8th grade year alone, I had a huge falling out with my closest friend and my brother passes away only a few days after I cam back from the band Disney Trip. However, I now have a future and an undestroyable happiness. As I had told one of my unnie's before "I be k-poppin some happy pills." To me, k-pop is not just music. It is my life force that brought me out of my darkness & gave me a path to walk along. (I even have "kpop j.a.m.s on my Class Ring -> [Jiyong.Amber.Minho.Shinee]) (I'm adding a link to my favorite song. Since it really has helped me :3)
15. I'm sure, especially with that last one, I made this obvious, but I am an extremely deep person. From emotions to thoughts, I think everything and feel everything very very deeply. I am a huge crybaby, and I can cry over the same part in a show infinitely. I can barely even stand watching shows involving war or anything of the sort, since my heart always feels so heavy. And my thoughts. I think about everything. Half the time, I end up questioning everything about my life, and, honestly, it can be a bit of a pain at times. And the most ironic thing ever -> Other than my cheesy, cutesy shows I watch a lot of depressing, tragedic shows.
Well that's it! I am a very open & talkative person, unless I'm actually speaking. xD Anyways for tags, I will tag: @kpopandkimchi @ArmyofKookie @RaquelArredondo & @Helixx I'm not really familiar with too many people on here as of yet, so I'm only putting a few names I see a lot. If anyone else wants to partake in this tag, please do so!
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