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-->SeungRi's story has yet to be released but it will be out soon so sit tight and enjoy a short fanfict about our YoungBae <3
>>Aishh, I can't believe I'm actually here in Osaka! If someone were to ask why I was here, I'm positive they'd think I'm crazy! I mean, for someone to fly all the way to Japan just to attend a concert? Only a hardcore fangirl would do such a crazy thing, oh wait, that's me! >> You giggle to yourself as you settle things in your hotel room and prepare for the eventful evening to come.
“Attend Tae-Yang's concert, spend a couple of days exploring, and then back to the real world,” you murmur then sigh heavily when you look at yourself in the mirror.
“A moment of bliss will definitely be worth it,” you bite your lip then watch your reflection in the mirror give you a half smile.
Your hands shoot into your hair and you frizz it up in frustration, “Ugh! C'mon girl! Get pumped! This is your bias here! You're going to his concert! You're actually here!” the inner fangirl exclaims. You make a few silly faces in the mirror with your messy hair, then quickly comb it back into place and finish your make up. The black dress matched your ballet shoes, and the red coat complimented the simple red lipstick on your lips.
The concert hall was enormous and beautiful, almost like a fancy Broadway theater. The seats in the very front were already filled up with other fans, so you sat at an available seat on the end of one of the middle rows. More and more fans began to show up and filling the rest of the seats. Butterflies began to take flight when the lights dimmed down slowly into darkness and the stage illuminated with a single light.
Tae-Yang appeared from the background mist and instantly brought the microphone to his lips and sang his heart out, causing everyone, including yourself, to rise to their feet and cheer. Tae-Yang greeted the audience with a bow after his first song. You smiled like an idiot and reacted with the audience when he'd crack a joke.
Halfway through the concert, you noticed he kept looking in your general direction a lot, even locking eye contact with you in various moments.
>>He's looking at me!<< Your inner fangirl screamed frantically inside. >>No he's not, he has to look at everyone in his audience, don't let it get to you. Idiot.<< Your logic would argue back. The battle inside your head urged on for the rest of the night, but it didn't bother you because the smile on your face was frozen in place from all the happiness you felt to be in the same room as your bias.
Tae-Yang finished his last song of the night and bowed to audience then locked eyes with you once more when you rose with everyone else to cheer. You blushed to your thoughts of him noticing you in the crowd, biting your lip to contain your enjoyment. He disappeared backstage and the audience began to make way towards the exit. You tucked your feet in and wrapped your arms around them to let the other fans in your row get through.
>>If I leave now, there's going to be a lot of traffic to maneuver through and all the taxi's are going to be taken. It's better to wait it out for a little bit, <<
you think and watch the concert hall slowly empty itself.
You were one of the last individuals to walk out of the auditorium; the main entrance was cleared out and the traffic had died down but you still stood by the doorway of the main entrance patiently, basking in the Osaka atmosphere.
“Excuse me, miss?” one of the security men asked in Korean.
You wince at the sudden interruption then turn to the man and bow respectfully, “yes?” you reply back, thanking the heavens for learning Korean so long ago.
“I was asked to bring a girl in a red coat, backstage,” he continued.
“Ah,” you feel weirdly suspicious. “I'm sorry, I'm waiting for a ride, so it'd be a little difficult to follow you back,” you lie.
“Understood, thank you for your time.” And with that, the security man disappeared back into the auditorium. You run a hand through your hair and step into the chilly night of Osaka with the feeling of unfinished business trapped in your gut.
"Excuse me!” another voice called out to you.
>>Shit<<, you curse in your thoughts and immediately think of something to use to defend yourself with in case of emergency. Your pace quickens upon hearing the footsteps behind you approach closer and closer. >>Run you idiot!<< Your logic yelled but as you prepare to take off in a sprint, a hand reaches out to your elbow and spins you around.
You freeze, struck with unexpected confusion to see Tae-Yang before you. He put his hands on his top of his head and bowed forward to catch his breath.
“I'm sorry for the sudden move,” he panted. “But when you told my security guard that you couldn't come back to meet me, I had to come chase you down. I need to talk to you.”
“Why-y?” you stuttered, still in shock.
He rose his head and smiled shyly, completely recovered, “I don't know why, I just thought you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and you caught my eye during the performance.”
You looked straight into his eyes, struggling to push words out of your mouth, “I-I don't know-w what to-o say,” you continued to choke.
He maintained his shy smile then bowed, “Please have dinner with me.”
>>Don't faint, don't faint, please don't faint!<< You prayed in your head. “Okay.” Was all you managed to produce in a soft tone.
You rode in the same car as him to the restaurant, the whole way your cheeks stayed rosy with color and the butterflies in your stomach had multiplied into an army of nervous. Tae-Yang kept glancing at you but stayed silent, you bit your lip in deep concentration about what had taken place and what may or may not be reality.
When you arrived at the restaurant, Tae-Yang quickly jumped out of the car and ran to your door, opening it for you and offering you a hand. You smile kindly and take it. His hand was warm and gently, exactly how you had imagined it to be. He held your hand firmly and kept it in his own as you made your way to the entrance where he, again, held the door open for you. You bow and enter ahead him then feel his hand slip back into yours.
>>What a gentleman,<< you thought as Tae-Yang talked to the waiter and arranged the reservation. You both followed the waiter to the back of the restaurant and sat by the wide window that overlooked the city.
“This is a great restaurant, and the view is breathtaking since we're on a hill,” Tae-Yang brought your attention back from the window. You smile and receive the menu from the waiter. Looking over the dishes, your eyes pop at the prices for these dishes, a simple salad would come out to $35. The idea of spending so much money made you queasy inside.
Tae-Yang noticed your shocked expression and softly chuckled to himself, “Don't worry about the prices, an angel like you deserves the very best,” he smiled brightly.
“You're so kind, thank you,” you blush at his compliment and smile back at him.
After the waiter returned to take your orders, Tae-Yang leans forward and sets his elbows on the table then folds his hands together and rests his chin on top, observing you quietly as you looked out the window. You chew on your lip and keep your hands on your lap, unsure of what to say or do.
“What's your name?” Tae-Yang broke the silence.
“Y/N,” you bow your head.
He bows back and smiles bigger, “Is every angel named Y/N this beautiful? Or is it just you?”
You break posture and laugh, covering your mouth while you mentally search for a rock to hide under to save yourself from cuteness overload. He blushes brightly at your reaction and joins in the laughter.
"I don't know how to answer that," you giggle.
He grinned and leaned back into his chair, “Then, are you only a fan of my music or are you also a VIP?”
“I'm a VIP for sure, I just really enjoy your solo music so I flew out to Japan to see you in concert,” you explained with a smile.
“Oh? When do you return?” His expression instantly saddened at the news of your time frame.
You felt a sharp stab in the heart to see him without a smile, “In two days,” you quietly answered, mirroring his pained expression.
He looked down for the longest moment then lifted his head and smiled, “What are your plans for those two days?”
“Hmm, sight seeing and souvenir shopping."
His eyes began to sparkle with hope, “mind if I tag along and show you around?”
Your heart began to skip, “Please do,” your heart beats your brain to the correct words.
He grinned like a dork, “Then it's settled.”
The rest of the night was spent eating delicious dishes and talking about common interests. You laughed with him, he teased you, and you both left the restaurant hand in hand, smiling like children on a sunny day.
Tae-Yang dropped you off at your hotel and even walked you to the entrance. You bowed and thanked him for a wonderful night, making him blush and smile, then before you could turn away, he took you in his arms and hugged you tightly. The sudden action left you paralyzed, but you overcame the mini heart attack and hugged Tae-Yang back.
“I'll see you soon,” he smiled and waved goodbye.
In the safety of your hotel room, you scream into a pillow and take a moment to dedicate yourself to serious fangirling. Once you calmed down enough to contain your sanity, you change into your pajamas and snuggle into the bed.
<<Wait, how am I going to see him again if we didn't even exchange numbers...>> Your eyes tear open and you sit up. <<Idiot! You have no way of contacting him! That should have been the first thing you asked for when he dropped you off!>>
The sound of your heart dropping and shattering into a million pieces ringed in your ears for the longest time as you fall back to the bed and mental scowl yourself until you fall asleep with eyes sticky from leftover tears.
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that literally is what I have been dreaming of!! I always wonder if they would do sthg if they see a girl they like during the concert!!!! oooooommmmggggg...!
omo I was fangirling while reading this story!!! I already love it❤ tag me in the next story
already addicted. please tag:)
Haha I couldn't help but laugh. I love it!! but I love how she scolds herself and he just giggles and blushed.
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