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In in this new photo from the New Girl season finale, Swifty is very obviously barging in on Cece's (Hannah Simone) wedding. True, she's in the crowd and not so much barging in, and the wedding is more colorful sari and less white veil, but that's splitting hairs. The New Girl finale is titled "Elaine's Big Day," and since the character of Elaine is played by Taylor Swift, we can only imagine her big day involves standing up and speaking her peace during Cece and Shivrang's (Satya Bhabha) nuptials. And we all thought Schmidt (Max Greenfield) would be the one to interrupt the big day. When we chatted with creator and executive producer Liz Meriwether about Swift's guest role on the finale, the self-proclaimed Swifty fan did nothing but gush about her acting abilities. "She was amazing. She's a fantastic actress. She did such a good job," she tells us. "Our set is a fun set to come to, but it's also a little bit crazy because there's a lot of improv and people shouting out extra jokes and she completely held her own and did such a great job with it. She fits in great. She's really, really great in the finale. It's really funny." New Girl's season finale airs next Tuesday on Fox. cr: E!
@blairwitme I lost interest in New Girl at half of season 1.. it was kinda boring
@shoenami lol I know! Taylor Swift could be funny too and i think she's amazing in this
I thought "she's not the type of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion"? :P