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I found this really nice article on kpopstarz~ check it out! Who would you want to bring home to your mom and dad? hehe xD 1. Sun of the Wonder Girls is the quintessential classic good girl every Korean mother wishes their sons brought home. Her sweet manners, her morals and beliefs make her the perfect potential girlfriend/wifey to bring home and any mother would be crazy not to fall in love with this talented gem. 2. Big Bang Taeyang may be a sex symbol in the industry, but his good boy reputation off-stage is what makes him a great guy to bring to the house. The Big Bang star is known for his strong Christian beliefs and shy persona. As long as he's wearing a shirt, I'm sure dad won't have any problem with his princess dating this celebrity. 3. Jo Kwon of 2AM is my parents' favorite idol star. He never fails to crack them up with his laugh-out-loud antics and flamboyant dance moves. He is most definitely a great candidate to introduce to your parents, well, that is if he's not hilariously gyrating his pelvis in the air. 4. Girls' Generation Seohyun, the group's youngest member, always reminds me of a sweet, bright flower. There's an innocence about her which sets her apart from her 8 sexy counterparts making her an awesome gal your mom will adore. 5. Lastly, on our list is miss A's Suzy. One of the most popular and naturally beautiful idols and actresses in the industry, Suzy has managed to make a blooming career out of her scandal-free career. Pretty, successful, and loved by the public? What more would your parents want from a future potential in-law?
I knew he was christian because I saw a show where he said he always pray before eating so I had a guess but I didn't know he was a strong Christian. you wouldn't guess he is :)
@MoonMinYeon I actually didn't know that Taeyang is a strong Christian before this article!
Taeyang <3
I agree with this list! and hmmm for me Daesung? he seems like a really nice person