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so a guy on here said " that he think the Hyuga keep it in the family? so basically he said naruto shouldn't have married hinata but instead marry sakura while neji and hinata gets married? in my opinion that is gross they are family, and neji is dead (god rest his soul) but come on serious heji? what do you guys think?.
Sasuke and Sakura deserve eachother. There both douches. Sorry I don't hate Sakura but she's kinda a bitch. And Sasuke is a douche. Naruto deserves better than Sakura and Hinata is that. Neji and Hinata doesn't particularly gross me out but they are first cousins and that's a bit too close in the bloodline for my taste and the chance of having handicapped children. Is it likely? Meh, who knows but this is kind of a silly hypothetical
@simplynick Thanks haha I'm glad someone agrees XD I think the author did quite well with his couplings
I feel like naruto be banging sakura some times
see neji was had 1 job and that was to protect hinanta...not fuck her...he did that and died...tbh I don't even care that long as Naruto got a bitch or 2 it was all good
@malcolmallen oh yeah absolutely a mistake. I thought that it didn't make sense in the slightest
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