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so a guy on here said " that he think the Hyuga keep it in the family? so basically he said naruto shouldn't have married hinata but instead marry sakura while neji and hinata gets married? in my opinion that is gross they are family, and neji is dead (god rest his soul) but come on serious heji? what do you guys think?.
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and just saying what if there was a way to give the people you marry the byakugan but it's only a secret the Hyuga can know and maybe that's why that guy tried to steal Hinata when she was young and nejis dad got into trouble for not protecting her and the reason he stole her is because then he could get the byakugan maybe that's why uve never seen a Hyuga without one
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its a kekegenkai so you can't use it unless you're blood. @TBird
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I know I was just trying to make something dumb up
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but still we may never know @MalcolmAllen
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