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There's quite a few characters worth loving in Prince of Stride: Alternative, but after watching Episode 4 this week, I can't help but have a new respect for Kadowaki that I didn't really have before.


Tagging friends who I *think* are watching this ^^

So, why do I like Ayuma Kadowaki?

Because he's relatable.

Haven't we all been in a position where we feel like we are the ones dragging our friends or our teams down? I think we have. Even if you're good at something, it's easy to doubt yourself & your skills. Eps 3 and 4 really focused on how Kadowaki feels this way on the team, and ultimately it leads him to push himself more than he probably should have. But I love that he did, because I would have, too.

Because he's funny.

I couldn't even list out all the moments that he made me laugh, but he is CONSTANTLY cracking jokes in his own way. If you're not paying attention, you might miss them, but he is a funny, funny guy who is in stride club despite what he believes his true skills are.

Because he's hardworking.

Even though he's falling behind, he learns his lesson about giving up. So, he asks Kohinata to help him train (side note about how much I LOVE their friendship!!). It takes a lot of dedication to work hard for something so that you can be a better support for your friends, and he really impressed me here.

Because he got us to the next plot point :P

Okay, okay, this might sound mean, but we basically just had two very similar eps with different outcomes, and I was ready to push the plot forward somehow....and with Kadowaki being probably out for a few races at least, we now have to have a new member, who will probbbaabbbly be someone who has been ~lurking,~ but I don't to spoil anything with my guess, lol.
Also, Ayumu pushed beyond his limits when he probably shouldn't have, and that's not always going to work, even if it did help them get the win!

Anyways, I love this brave idiot!!!

@RachaelMacy Funimation has licensed the anime, to stream in both subtitled and dubbed versions. (Sorry for the double tag, not sure why that first one went poof)
I'm watching it too! *waves, sneaks onto tag list for any further cards* :D
hope it come in English dub
@Danse Also, on my tag list my friend!
@MaighdlinS The last point is harsh but totally true hahahaha!!
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