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I've always been tough hard I had to be life is a hard pill to swallow and reality wasn't giving me any water too help sometimes I'd look at the sky and beg for rain so I could blame the sky for my wet eyes I'd bury my face n a pillow and scream because for the sake of me I was at my end my mind was lot my faith was faded these eyes burned of weariness,anger betrayal, I felt alone in a crowed room no one would understand I had to have thick skin when they came for me I swung back screaming too the top of my lungs till my voice was lots n the fire and the shadows took me away and all the emptiness become something and the all of nothing became everything emotions pushed through me like a open window and my heart raced because I couldn't let myself weakened I closed my eyes tight my lips trembled and my voice cracked with ever word and I released for one tear came down my eye and flowed like rain from the sky like I'd washed my soul through my eyes alone I cried .