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today i was texting my gf she had a long day and so i decided to just freestyle a poem to her and she loved it haha here is what i wrote but i added some new things ...im going to rewrite it and print it out and give it to her with thus drawing I did!! Im giving you roses cuz your my queen and that is true, so my queen I bow down to thee because any king knows that the queen is behind the man controlling the throne, only a king bows down to the queen that I know you are to be. I know is rough but trust me in the long run it will just be a bluff and only our perfection of love will rise and unify our deeper meaning to the world, together in whole we can run this kingdom and have our story turn into gold, you are my love, my queen and everything between, your that one that helps me hold my throne, so here I am with open arms to hold your love and have our story told.
wow!! I love when couples share their art with each other. did she love the poem and the drawing?!
haven't given it to her yet ^.^it's going to be a surprise want to give to her when I set up a picnic this weekend she's been working alot so can't wait haha
THAT IS SO CUTE GAHHH. hahaha let us know how that goes @DanielZagal
yessss!! I will most definitely let every one know :) haha thank you for your interest. ^.^