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Hello all! welcome back to the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I hope you're all enjoying it!
Krystal snuggled close to Charles, falling back asleep. The feel of someone's arms around her was comforting, and she no longer wimpered in her sleep. Occasionally she would whisper something unintelligible, but he simply stayed with her. Charles yawned a little before kissing the sleeping older woman's head. "I love you too, Krys" he whispered, laying them down and going to sleep again himself. He'd worry about the problems this might cause in the morning. This time, the dream that Charles found himself watching was set in present time. He could just make out Krystal, though what she wore was hidden from him. When the scene changed, he found himself in a tux standing next to Erik. "Stop being such a worrier, Charles. She loves you, and in 20 minutes, she'll be walking down that aile." His words were final as he said them, and the way he kind of scowled as they waited made Charles shudder. "Who am I marrying?" the real Charles asked as he watched, the only person coming to mind was Krystal. He loved her so dearly. It had only been a week, and yet Charles had fallen head over heels for the beautiful fae. He had never experienced a love quite like this before. Dream Charles shuffled a bit. "I'll take your word for it, Erik" he said with a sigh, fidgeting with his appearance. He wanted to look perfect for her. Krystal walked down the aile with JJ, and he gave her away. Dream charles blushed, and so did the Charles who watched from above. "I do" came a soft voice, and if Charles had been awake he would have heard Krystal mutter it in her sleep. They kissed, and both Charles's were blushing. "I love you Krys" The Charles watching from above blushed brighter, trying to analyze what he was seeing. Did she wantbto marry him? He wouldn't complain, but it seemed like a pretty big step.
The next morning Charles would awaken to an empty bed. "Huh? this isn't my room..." he softly quipped, not awake enough yet to remember the events of last night. He had almost forgotten sleeping with the beautiful fae last night. A few moments later, Krystal came in with a tray of food and a cup of coffee. "Oh, good, you're up! I made breakfast!" her expression was cheery, and the appeared to be no more of the gaurded emotions he'd become accustomed to in the last week. Krystal set the tray in front of him, then walked over to the table where her tea sat. She took a sip, her eyes closing as she tastes the delicious english breakfast blend. "I wanted to thank you for last night, Charles. I'm glad you were with me." she explained softly with a blush, showing a shyness that he had not seen. It seemed to him that he'd finally been able to break the chains she kept around her heart, but now that they were no longer connected, he couldn't read her.
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