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So guys, I have a question:

do you prefer when characters fall in love at first sight in an anime, or when it takes, well, the whole anime for the romance to happen?
Personally, for me, it depends on what kind of show I'm watching. If I am focused on other aspects of the plot, I'm okay with a really fast build, but if it's a romance anime, well, I usuallllllly want the relationship to build up more and more and more, you know?
So guys! Which do you prefer?
I like somewhere in between. I'm not to big on "I'll die for you" from the get go, unless the relationship was already there, but then again I can only handle so many episodes rationally before I start screaming at the TV "F***ing kiss her/him already!" I wonder if that makes me emotionally unstable. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Slow romance or a nice delicate pace. I hate when it's like "I just met you but I'm in love with you" like no you ain't child you're in lust!
I like it when two people don't like each other , then usually one of them really likes the other person, then gradually they both fall in love with one another
I like it to build! Also @hikaymm what anime is this?
slow build seems more realistic
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