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Hope you all enjoy!!!! ^.^

“Y/N...” You woke up to the sound of your sleeping boyfriend’s voice calling your name out quietly in his sleep. Your eyes opened slowly and adjusted until you could see his handsome face, adorned with a sleepy smile. He must be having a pleasant dream. Smiling to yourself, your brought your hand up to his face and softly placed your palm on his cheek, rubbing below his bottom lip with your thumb. Your heart was beating softly as you thought about how much you loved him. You tilted your chin up slightly and leaned toward his face, your eyes closing gently as you pressed your lips softly against his. Namjoon hummed against your lips, returning the kiss until your eyes fluttered open and you shot a silly face at him before you pulled away. Namjoon chuckled softly, removing your hand from his face and placing it over his heart. “Waking up next to you every morning makes this do crazy things.” He told you, his voice still heavy with sleep, referring to his heart. Your heart started to beat a little faster as you placed another kiss on the back of his hand that was holding yours in place. “That’s funny. Waking up next to you does the same thing to mine.” You laughed softly, placing his other hand over your heart. “God, I love you so much.” He yawned, removing his hands from you to wrap his arms around your body, pulling you in closer to him. You snuggled up closer to his body, wrapping your arms around his torso. “You’re a cheeseball.” You giggled, rolling your eyes. “Say you love me, too.” Namjoon demanded playfully, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “Nope.” You teased, leaning your head back to look at his face and stick your tongue out at him playfully. Namjoon faked a hurt look and then stuck his bottom lip out slowly and started pouting. “Kim Namjoon, are you seriously giving me the puppy dog eyes right now?” You laughed, shaking your head. He paused his aegyo temporarily to smirk, “I’ll stop if you say you love me too.” He offered, giving you a second to comply with his request before returning to his adorable pouting face. “Babe, stop.” You laughed, loosening one arm from around him to smack him on the chest lightly. “No. Say it.” He kept on. “You’re such a mess!” You laughed, leaning in and placing a kiss on his lips. Namjoon dropped his cutesy act quickly and responded to your kiss, bringing one of his hands to rest at the base of your neck and the other to rest on your hip while you tried to avoid tangling your limbs together as you brought your arms to wrap around his neck as the kiss deepened. He placed little butterfly kisses all over your face while you tried to even your breathing. He ended his shower of kisses at your lips kissing it once again sweetly. “Say it.” He told you in a husky voice, making your heart race. “No.” You answered, sounding a bit airy and light. “Say it.” Namjoon encouraged, placing a tender kiss on the tip of your nose. “Nope!” You hummed. “Aw, come on, say it!” He pouted again, making you bite your lip. “On one condition,” You said, nodding your head. “And what is this condition, might I ask?” Namjoon chuckled, his adorable eye smile almost killing you with how fast it made your heart beat. “You say it first.” You laughed, stealing a quick kiss. You couldn’t help it, you were an addict and his lips were your drug. “I love you.” He whispered against your lips, gazing softly into your eyes. “I love you, too.” You responded before pulling close to him. You both stayed in bed cuddled up for the rest of his morning off until you had to get up and eat to satisfy the aggressive growling of your hungry stomachs. If it weren’t for Namjoon’s constant whining about wanting you to go eat something so you wouldn’t get ill, you would have stayed in that bed forever, wrapped up in each other’s arms and enjoying the moment as two people in love. <3


Tonight was the night that you and Namjoon were finally free. Your schedules had matched up for you both to spend time together. You invited him over to your apartment. After having the most romantic dinner, you both sat on the couch watching a movie. His arm was secured around your shoulders throughout the duration of the movie, as your body rested upon his lap. The movie began getting dull for you both, so you joked around instead of watching it. He tickled you, pinched you, and peck your face with cute kisses. After pecking your forehead, he looked deep into your eyes. Looking back at him you felt yourself wanting to kiss him, so you did. Namjoon met you halfway though, he also felt the passion rising from you both. You rose up from his lap. The sweet taste of his lips did not linger too long. Instead, you both went in for more kisses. Unlike the first kiss, they became sloppier, more passionate. At some instances your kisses would touch his cheeks, completely missing his lips. Namjoon let his hands grasp onto you tight. The grasp only increased your attraction towards him. Your hands grabbed on to his face, pulling him closer to your perched lips. He tasted like treats from a candy shop. As you were basking into the moment, you felt his tongue slither into your mouth. You soon followed suit and your tongues battled for dominance, until Namjoon won. With his hands already on your waist, he lifted you up positioning you onto his lap. You moaned into his mouth as you felt his hardness pressing against you. With a sly smile his hands traveled up your shirt, trickling up and down your spine. You then felt them drift out from under your shirt, tugging it upwards. The kisses stopped for a moment, until your top was completely off. Namjoon, then began kissing your neck, even making soft nibbles against your skin. Small moans escaped your mouth as he nip upon your soft skin. He smirked and began using his tongue to lick and even suck upon your neck. Your head leaned back in pleasure as he devoured your neck leaving marks on you. Your hands began tugging on his shirt, causing him to break away while he took off the shirt. After throwing it across the room, Namjoon leaned in towards your neck again. But you pushed him back hands on his chest as you marveled in the sight in front of you. Your hands skimmed over his broad chest and carefully made their way down his stomach. Namjoon chuckled. "Enjoying the view?" You answer by grinding your hips. Namjoon’s body shivered as you rode him. His natural reaction was to thrust his hips upwards, creating a sensational friction. An idea came swiftly into your mind, so you stopped rotating your hips against Namjoon’s lap. Quickly you rose from his lap to kneel in front of him. He was surprised at first, but once you unbuckled his jeans, he smirked at you. You pulled down his pants with his underwear following behind. Your hands roamed along his thigh, the entire area was a smooth touch. You roamed and teased until Namjoon couldn’t take it anymore. He forcefully grabbed your head luring your mouth to his rock hard erection. You ran your tongue along the underside of his member before taking it into your mouth. “Ahhh shit......." Namjoon breathed in pure bliss. You puckered your mouth while you went to the base of his member taking it all. His hand rested on the top of your head, giving him grip to thrust his cock deeper into your mouth. You moaned only making him grip your hair tighter as you bobbed up and down wrapping your hand around what you couldn't fit in your mouth. His thrusting became quicker and much more erratic. He threw his head back enjoying every second of this. “I'm close”, he grunted. And within a few seconds Namjoon released his cum into your mouth, and you efficiently swallowed each drop. After a few breaths, Namjoon rose from the couch lifting you from your knees on to the brown living room table. He knocked off everything to make room for your body. With your top already missing, he completed the pattern by taking off your bottoms as well. He wasted no time as he slammed his now hardened length into you almost breaking the table. You moaned out in ecstasy as you felt his length filling you up completely. He wrapped an arm around you as he pulled you up so that your back was to his chest as he thrust into you repeatedly as he growled the most dirtiest things in your ear. "So tight...." You couldn't even form words as Namjoon pounnded you into oblivion. The sounds of skin against skin only became louder as you finally felt the familiar heat building up. Apparently Namjoon knew as well because he started thrusting into you slow but hard. "Come for me angel..." he whispered in your ear. Those words were enough to push you over the edge and you came like never before, actually seeing stars as you felt your body rock from the intensity as Namjoon came inside of you. You felt your body collapsing but Namjoon wrapped both his arms around you holding you up. He kissed you softly on the lips and you kissed him back. "You're a really dirty angel you know that?" He snickered at you. "But I still love you You slap him on his arm. "Yah!! Shut up." And as he carried you to the shower you whispered into his chest softly. "I love you too." <3

Okay now on to the maknae line lol. Prepare your hearts Jimin-lovers!!!!!!

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omg where is my holy water Im going to need it for when i read Jimin's story....
Oh wow would you look at that. I'm in love with Namjoon now thanks.
I was like oh god the fluff!! but then ☆_☆ oh my...
@thePinkPrincess your card is the most popular on vingle 😭😂
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