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It’s almost Summer time, and I know many of us are often embarrassed by putting sandals on, because of the dry, cracked feet. There are tons of products in stores promising to heal your feet, but how do you know which one of these cracked heel remedies TRULY work?

Why Do Your Feet Do This?

Well, the feet don’t produce natural oils to moisturize themselves, but rely on sweat glands to maintain themselves soft. So when the sweat glands don’s work as they should, you end up with those ugly cracked heels.
Here are the main things that can cause you dry, cracked feet: aging, vitamin deficiencies, edema, bacteria, thyroid trouble, diabetes, or any chronic illness that affects your skin.
It can also happen if you overexpose your feet to water, or wear improper shoes or socks that block the air circulation around your feet.
Now that you know the causes, head up here to find out the remedy for cracked heels.