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Hey there gamers!

We all play those crazy games that get us hyped up! But what about those games that settle us down? Those games that gives us a break from the intensity of other games. I love those light hearted games and our great moderator @paulisadroid wants to know what games you play when you wind down. Check out his original post: right here! So here's mine!

The Cave!

The Cave is a puzzle plat former with a great sense of humor. By developer Double Fine, The Cave let's you take control of 3 of 7 characters solving puzzles and going through each characters individual story inside of the cave. This game has a lot of personality and as I said before a great sense of humor. Every story you encounter is as good as the last and every character you meet is charming and full of personality. The puzzles are challenging and keep you on your toes. I highly recommend playing with some friends as it gets tough to control all three characters at once and the more the merrier. Gives this one a go everyone it's a good time.

Battleblock Theater!

Gather around children and I'll tell you a story that's as sweet as a mother's kiss, or is it? Another puzzle platformer with a great sense of humor and one that could be better with friends. From Newgrounds, Battleblock Theater tell the tragic tale of Hatty Hatington and his crew getting shipwrecked on a mysterious island and being captured and forced to perform in front of mutant kitties! This game golds nothing back on the comedy as the narrator of the game is constantly shouting out some of the funniest lines I've herd in a game and I'm constantly going back to watch the cut scenes over again just to have a laugh. I highly recommend getting a friend or 2 and have a ball as you try to get through each level just to get to the cut scene.

Little Big Planet!

Ah the world of Little Big Planet! So much to do so much to explore and so much to love. Yet another puzzle plat former that's better with friends (to bad I play these alone). From Media Molecule and Sony, LBP is an adorable game filled with adventure and wonder. Take control of Sack Boy and his friends, customize your character and be off in one of the most fascinating worlds in gaming. You can do nothing but smile playing this game as you come across wonderful worlds and characters, completing challenges and finding collectibles. Just when you think you discovered it all, take a look at the community creations and check out the unlimited levels of ten LBP community. There's certainly all to enjoy about this game and its sequels, if you don't own a PS3 or PS4 you might want to get one if not for this game alone (and several other exclusive titles)

Do you like my list? What are your games that you unwind with?

@TylerDurso Alrighty :)
@poojas thank you! I can't recommend the Cave enough. Get 2 buddies and play it!
@InVinsybll thank sir! Battleblock Theater is probably my favorite indie game. The writing and level design is so good.
@Rockron97 son! Thank you, and good picks. I can see a game like clash of clans being relaxing, just sit back and let the little guys fight!
I don't know why I'm just seeing this now, but Battleblock Theater was one of my favorite games when I finally got to play it!
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