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It is officially announced today that "The Exhibition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon," the first art exhibition dedicated to Naoko Takeuchi's Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga series, will be held at Sky Gallery in Roppongi Hills Sky Deck'sTokyo City View section from April 16 to June 19. Details on its advance tickets with bonus items will be revealed in the end of the next month. From the building, the visitors can look down the street of Azabu-Juban in Tokyo, the main location of the story.   It will display original manga artworks including new ones drawn by Takeuchi, and various production materials and merchandise items from the anime adaptations in the 1990s. The entrance of the exhibition will be set up with the image of the Moon Castle. In addition, the cafe section of "Museum Cafe & Restaurant THE SUN & THE MOON" will be a time-limited collaboration cafe to provide original menus inspired by the series.
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