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this was my dog he was my everything literally. his name was chowder. he never barked and he was happy all the time. he'd get exited and he'd pee when you rubbed his tummy. he ate cat poop even though I said not to time and time again. when I'd come home from work he'd dance and play. he'd wake up with my alarm and he chew everything. he even danced to kpop too. he got sick and I took him to the vet they said he'd be fine .my sister said she'd watch him for the week while I was at work. I got up this morning thinking that I'd call her and he'd be fine. her husband called me and told me he died at 9:00 am to today. I lost my best friend today and I'm hurting.
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awwww........sorry for your loss is there anything I can do for you........hey.....I'll post a card for you...... who's your fav bias
I don't gave a favorite I fell for too many @harukachiharu
just gimme one
@harukachiharu. Idk zico,song mino either one