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You know when you think about it Juuzou and Armin look really similar. Just look at them! Just look.@shinigamisan
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they would probably be the exact same if Armin wasn't trying to save all of humanity from destruction and Juuzou wasn't a knife maniac Armin: sees a severly injured person. " Oh, god, I need to do something!" *whips out medical kit* Juuzou: sees a severly injured perso . "Oh, you're in pain and suffering? Yay, good boy points!" *whips out dozens of knives hidden randomly around his body*
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I can see the sameness but they are nothing alike thankfully. Juuzou is a lunatic and Armin is a super genius
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on their own way each of them is a genius Armin: strategic genius Juuzou: genius killer
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@ChrisLyons that's true
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