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Next Morning, You wake up all refreshed and happy. You smile as you get up and walk over to your closet to see what to wear. After about 20 minutes, You decided to wear a black shirt with printing, shorts, black socks with white stripes and white shoes. You go walk over to the bathroom to brush out your hair and put your hair in a slick back ponytail. You were gonna go and put on a little bit of mascara but you got a text. You walk over to your phone which was sitting on your bed, it was from Jackson! it reads,
"Hey Babe, I'm coming over to your house to see your beautiful face and sexy face...Keep those lips warm for me ;)" You blush hardly and squel loudly as if you were fan girling, You respond to Jackson saying,
"Hi Oppa, missed you, I'll see you later tonight, Prepare for the best night of your life ;)"
Before you can respond you think about the text before sending it to Oppa. You don't care anymore so you decide to just send, Screw life. Jackson responds immediately saying, "Oooooohhhhh Babe your killing me with your playing hard to get, I like that...And you too..." You blush and put hand on your cheek in cuteness. You like how you can be comfortable talking to Jackson. You replied, "Awwww I like you too Oppa." With an heart eyes emoji. Jackson sent you the same emoji back. You smile widely as you turn off your phone.
While you were putting on some chapstick, You heard a knock on the door. You run over to the door exitingly and open the door wide, To see Jackson holding a boquet of roses in one hand while his other hand was holding a heart shaped box of chocolates.
(if you don't like chocolate, I'm sorry.) Jackson sees you and immediately kneals down on one knee and asks you, "Will You..... Come out the house and with me on a date?" He looks up to you smiling down at him, You responded," I'd love too, Oppa." He takes your hand and pulls you around his arm telling you, "You look great today, Babe. I'm just kidding you, more like beautiful." You blush and smile towards the direction away from Jackson as he kisses your cheek. As you guys were walking you see the skate park where you met Jackson, "Remember when I was a jerk to you right there, (Y/N)?" You frown and nod as in saying yes. He looks at you with a sad expression. "What's wrong, Babe?" He asks you as he holds your hands and stands towards you as he looks at you with puppy eyes.
"Nothing, Babe, let's go." You whisper as you were about to cry. Jackson hugs you and you accept it but he picks you up and drags you over to a wall and presses your back gently against the wall. "You better tell me what is wrong or else..." You look up at him as you shed a tear, rolling down your right cheek. "Nothing is wrong, Now let me go." He tightens his grip as he holds on to both of your arms, "I'm not letting go of you because I care about your feelings and I also really care about you too, Now babe, if you want me to let go of you, then you better tell me." You sigh as you say, "Okay, I'll tell you." Jackson is looking straight into your eyes as you tell him, "That day, When you hurted me, I went to call who is now my ex-boyfriend but anyways, I told him about you and the pain you caused me, He had told me to not worry about it and that he loved me but the next day, A girl told me that he wanted to break up with me and that he has been cheating on me for a month because he wasn't sexually attracted to me...." You start bawling crying your heart out on the floor as you put both of your hands over your face and try to hide it from Jackson.
Jackson sits besides you and puts his arm around your shoulders and whispers into your ear, "Hey, He seems more of a jerk than me and how can anyone not be sexually attracted to you?" You look up to him with your mascara running making you look like a melting panda. You whisper to him, "What do you mean?" He looks at you with a smile saying, "I'm really sexually attracted to you and I have been hoping to be your friend for a while because I actually knew you exist because I have seen you walk by here and I thought you were really cute and I have been wanted ask you out." You and Jackson both smile at each other as he leans into kiss you. Both of your lips touch and you put his hand onto his sharp jawline as he puts his hand on the back of your neck to bring you in closer into his mouth. You like the way he softly bit your lips, the way he strokes up and down your arm or the way his legs touches yours..... Jackson pulls away to breathe as he stands up and puts his hand out to pick you up. You hold onto his hand as he picks you up and walks you to the movie theaters.
You both decide to watch the movie, "The 5th Wave" (Good Movie!). During the middle of the film, as you hear gun shots you flinch every time you hear one. Jackson sees you all startled and holds your hand to calm you down as he pinches your cheek.
As soon as the movie is over, He walks you home with his arm around your waist, He walks you to the door and leans in to give you a blissful kiss, he kneals down and holds your hand as he askes you, "Babe, Will You Become My Girlfriend? For as long as I live?" You smile and blush hardly as you say, "Yes Oppa." He hugs you tightly. Before leaving he tells you, "Hey, Babe, I love you" You smile as you tell him, "I love you too, Jackson."
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