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Stephanie Marquez, 27, sales assistant & Mehdi Arma, 28, facilities for Showtime *How did you two meet? Stephanie: We met via an app for the iPhone called MiUMeet. Mehdi: It was meant to be. *Were you nervous on your first date? Stephanie: I wasn’t nervous, but I was getting to the point where I was like, “If this guy is not decent, I’m gonna stop dating for a while.” But then he turned out to be amazing. Mehdi: She was perfect. She wasn’t a psycho or a stalker. *Interesting definition of perfect! Tell me about the proposal. Mehdi: I put the ring in a plastic bag and I threw it on the floor and I said, “Look at this mess, you should pick that up.” Stephanie: It was midnight. I was like, “I’m tired, I wanna relax, what’s your problem?” He went and picked it up and then he got down on one knee and pulled the ring box out of the bag. I was so happy! *What’s your favorite thing about each other? Stephanie: I could just talk to him and be myself and not have to think about what I’m gonna say or worry about how he’s gonna react. Ahmed: Everything. She makes me happy. from cosmo
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love this : ))))))))) very romantic!!! <3 <3 it looks like very down to earth romance! congratulations!!!
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