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Mornin' guys and gals X) So we all know this classic anime, but today I thought I'd talk more about the creators behind the panels and episodes. If you are just joining us, check out @hikaymm card about the Days of the Week (which has links to collections of each week day :) ) and follow her collection with all the day cards made by the mod team! XD Follow my Throwback Thursdays! collection to check out the previous weeks cards XD
So for those who don't know Dragon Ball was first a manga series in Shonen Jump in 1984-1995 for a total of 42 volumes. Now Dragon Ball was originally was made into two anime Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. And then years later Dragon Ball GT was released and then Dragon Ball Super. So we have a lot of titles here as well as movies and games that are added to the franchise. XD
So the mangaka Akira Toyiyama is definitely one of the more well known manga writers out there. His first successful manga was Dr. Slump. Some argued that he revolutionized the world of manga. Personally I think he did becuase he was really kinda the first very famous manga artist of his time because of Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball. He received the Prestigious 1981 Shogakukan Manga Award for the best shonen manga with Dr. Slump.
Toei Animation produced Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball aired in 1986-1989 with 153 ep. And Dragon Ball Z ran from 1989-1996 (14 days after Dragon Ball Z) with 263 ep. There is 3 years of the story line in between the two animes.
So guys, I have questions for you!

What is your favorite anime adapation of Dragon Ball?

Now here's the bigger question...MAKE A CARD FOR YOUR ANSWER! XD

In Dragon Ball, who is your favorite character and which battle they were in was your favorite?! (X

Make a {TT} card with your answer and tag me and the marvelous mod team! @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso We would love to see your answer!

haven't seen Dragonball so πŸ˜… idk
that's allright. download Manga browser. they have every chapter from start to finish:3 you'll love it!