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I got to write a card about something embarassing that has happened to me, as a dare, by @AlloBaber! I used to do mimicry for my friends sometimes during lunch break back when i was in college. Once when pretending to be voldemort, i turned to my friend looked into her eyes, raised her chin with my finger and said in a loud, voldemort-like voice: Harry, my love...Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll stick to u like super glue. May it be in the bathroom or under the sheets, it's the thought of u that helps me everytime! (i said a lot dirtier nonsense after that which i'm too ashamed to write) and as usual i'm so unlucky that the teacher on whom i had a huge crush, walked into the class n was watching me acting like a pervert! We didn't even realise when he came coz my friends were all laughing loudly! Only i know in what state i was when i saw him. This was one of the worst day of my life and since then, i stopped doing that shit in college! Thankfully he only laughed and went out when we noticed him and didn't report me. Since then he kept teasing me in class, reminding me of that shameful day!