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In an interview way back then, Jung Il Woo talked about his friendship with Lee Minho and Kim Bum. I didn't know that they were such close friends, even been to life and death situation together. Let's read the interview translation that I found on dramabeans! When being asked "Who would genuinely cry for you?" Jung Il-woo is quiet, lost in thought, wondering. Perhaps five minutes pass, when he slowly names them, one by one. His first choice: Kim Bum. “Bum is like a real younger brother to me. When I was having rough times, Bum was there for me, and when he had troubles, I was there for him. Actually, I talk more with Bum than I do with Min-ho. We’ve known each other for five years now. We sometimes go to each other’s houses and hang out, and we go to saunas together too. He’s a really dear, brotherly friend to me.” But, of course, you can’t leave out Lee Min-ho: “Min-ho and I are really close friends who’ve known each other since we were kids. We don’t need to talk a lot [to be friends]. We were in a life-and-death situation* together, so we’re friends who’ve hovered close to the afterlife together.” [*In high school, the two were part of a group of friends who were known for being the hotties of the neighborhood. In 2006, they were in a severe car accident together, which sent both to the hospital and which still, I believe, gives Lee Min-ho residual leg issues.]
@unitedbymusic friends are probably one of the most important things in the music industry. they can help you when you need the push and support you when you fall.
StephiiKins, That is so true. Sometimes I feel so sad for them. Some pictures you can even see the sadness. Especially in some G-Dragon pictures. Taemin also has periods when he looks so sad and far away. They give up so much for us to be happy.
@unitedbymusic i would do the same thing. it's great to have really close friends though. especially in this industry.
If I knew just one of these guys it would be the only time I would ever utter the words: Call your friends over!!!
so cute *.*
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