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Just incase you didn't know, I'm a sap.

A happy sap, but a sap -- regardless. I find sappiness in pretty much everything. I'm a hopeless romantic and I daydream about having a love like none other someday. Okay, fine. I guess you could say I watched The Notebook and Titanic too much growing up, but can you blame me? Love is beautiful, especially the gestures that come along with it. The sloppy kisses, the bear hugs, the holding hands, the chivalry -- Ah, I can literally go on for days, but you get the gist.
Being a single woman, there are certain things I would love for a man to do, but I know I have to have a man first in order for those roles to be implicated. So, with that being said -- it brings me back to daydreaming. I figured I would get a bit of feedback from some of my favorite relationship experts and see what you tend to prefer, no worries -- they both happen to be rather simple. Because as we all know, simple is best. You don't have to do much to prove your love to someone.

Forehead Kisses or Holding Hands?

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I love forehead kissing and holding hands while sitting down or snuggling. I loathe holding hands while strolling though. I prefer to hold the arm, or have the hand on my back. this allows me to walk freely.
2 years ago·Reply
I love the fact that you said it makes you feel safe. the perfect description :) @Kourtland
2 years ago·Reply
I agree, although I enjoy holding hands while walking, I too prefer holding onto a guys arm :) @petname83
2 years ago·Reply
Forehead kisses just are amazing! It's like love/trust at the sweetest- innocence. I like to hold hands as well, but only when I'm comfortable with the person, because my hands get clammy when I'm nervous.
2 years ago·Reply
forehead kisses
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