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why! why is it so hard to find a hottest around here. thety all slowly going poof... no comeback! did we forget how charming these dorks are??
like come on... EXO and BIG BANG fandoms be stronger than ours...even Shinee fandom. 2PM Hottest come out of hiding.
and if this card fails i spam 2pm members everyday...its easy one person a day.
i swear my heart is breaking so bad here
I love 2pm 😍 They were one of first kpop groups I fell in love with.
I'm super multifandomed, and I like 2PM as well! It did take me a little to get into them (I had to warm up to some of their songs) I am obsessed with My House & Go Crazy~~~
@drummergirl691 I'll doca member each day introducing them each for ya. so its not so over whelming. @Jiyonhixoxo hottest and vip...KIN!
I love a few 2pm songs. I just haven't had a chance to learn about the members yet. Would you mind making an introductory card about them? I know 2 of the members were in Dream High.
πŸ˜…I agree, it is pretty hard finding hottest on here. I also like 2pm but I'm not deep yet
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