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I know this took way too long but my kids have been sick one after the other so I have been way too busy to update. Thank you for waiting as promised here is a story. Sorry for it being so long and kind of rushed, and any grammar mistakes ad I was in a rush.
" Today is finally the day." You thought as you're alarm started blaring next to you noisily, but you weren't worried about the sound as you jumped out of bed rushing to get ready with one thought replaying in your mind. " He comes home today!" You couldn't keep your excitement contained as you quickly took a shower practically jumping as you thought over and over about him. Then it dawned on you that you still wouldn't be able to see him until later like promised after he was done working, but just as you were starting to get depressed the phone started to vibrate violently causing you to jump from the scare. You quickly pulled it close to you hoping to see his name, but was quickly disappointed as you saw another name. With a sigh you answered the phone only to hear frantic yelling on the other end. " Y/n! I am so stupid I need your help I forgot my girlfriends birthday is today, and I need to buy a present like right now!" Mark yelled not giving you a chance to reply as his voice grew louder with each word. " Mark!" You finally yelled stopping him mid-sentence. " Calm down you always get like this how about you meet me in 15 minutes at our favorite coffee shop then we can go buy her something okay?" You said almost laughing at your best friend. Mark has been your friend since you were both 3 since you were next door neighbors. Also he had moved to Korea from the states along with you so both of you're parents wouldn't worry as much. " Okay I will see you there Y/n." He spoke quietly before hanging up without another word causing you to shake your head before running out of the house.
Shortly after you met up with Mark you quickly starting leading him around pointing out things you knew his girlfriend would love. " So I heard he comes back to Korea today?" Mark said with a smirk as he elbowed you playfully only for you to push him lightly. " Yeah we are meeting tonight, but he should be in Korea now..." Your words failed you as you looked into the eyes of the one person you have wanted to see for the past month. " Y/n why are you with Got7's Mark?" Dongwoo ask from beside Myungsoo as his eyes never looked away from yours. " He is my best friend I have told you all about him." You said looking towards them all confused as infinite looked towards you completely shocked. " Oh I guess I always thought Your best friend was a girl, but you never said otherwise." L finally said coldly looking neither happy to see you nor upset. " I guess I just assumed you could tell." You tried to smile as he only shrugged Turning to look towards his Hyungs. " We are going to be late let's get going." Your heart froze at his words as he didn't even turn to look towards you as they all left in a hurry as everyone looked apologetic towards you.
Myungsoo's Pov. * " I can't wait to see her we have been gone so long!" I said for the hundredth time today to whoever would listen as they walked down the street, but just then I caught sight of you laughing while playfully pushing Got7's Mark. " How dose she even know him?" I heard myself say as the other quickly followed where I was looking as they all came to a stop in front of them. I heard Dongwoo say something, but couldn't hear what was said as my eyes looked into yours unable to look away. " Oh I guess I always thought Your best friend was a girl, but you never said otherwise." I finally said after hearing what you said before turning away to come up with a reason to leave. I couldn't show how jealous I am in front of everyone. " We are going to be late let's get going." I said before heading away without another glance towards her as I cursed myself for acting childish. " Ugh! I couldn't wait to see her then I act like a spoiled child when I do! What if she doesn't want to see me anymore?" I frantically looked towards my other members hoping to calm my nerves. " Well you were just really cold to her." Sungyeol smirked knowing he wasn't helping as I buried my face in my hands. " Thanks Hyung for reminding me." I said unable to look toward them. " If you were going to act like this you shouldn't of treated her like that." Hoya added as the others started to poke fun towards him not helping at all. " Maybe I should text her and make sure she still want to see me." I said remembering I had a phone as I quickly texted her.
Your Pov. * " I don't see why you like that kind of guy." Mark said once again as he tried to cheer you up as you continued shopping. " He usually isn't like that." You explained once again, but he has never been that cold towards you before. You had been dating for 2 years now not once has he ever treated you like that. Next thing you knew your phone was ringing loudly gaining you lots of stares until you quickly fought to unlock the phone. " Y/n I understand if you don't want to see me tonight, I truly am sorry for the way I acted I was jealous seeing you with someone other than me. I missed you so much and really want to see you, but if you don't want to I understand." You couldn't help but smile at your dorky boyfriends text as you read it over and over before you quickly wrote back. " Pabo of course I want to see you I have missed you dearly so please still come by tonight." You laughed thinking about him being jealous of Mark as you quickly showed him the message. " Well I remember when my girlfriend was jealous of you, but how did he not know we were friends?" He asked still confused as you looked towards him. " I'm not sure I know I've told them about you all the time I guess they thought I was talking about a girl though." You laughed while finishing up getting presents before you both parted ways as you waited for L to show l.
After a few hours of waiting you heard a Knock on your door causing you to run to open it. That was when you saw L standing there shyly holding out the most beautiful flowers with a card attached. " Y/n I am sorry for being a jerk earlier." He pouted until you pulled him inside wrapping your arms around him with a smile. " You know I didn't think you would ever get jealous because of me." You smiled as he raised an eyebrow in confusion. " Of course I would I love you Y/n more than words could ever express. I was so shocked seeing you today I couldn't think straight I wanted to jump Mark right there for just being next to you that's why I took off like I did." He mumbled into your hair as he pulled you tightly against his chest. " The thought of seeing you today as kept me from going crazy while on tour Y/n I love you so much." Myungsoo smiled pulling back only to look at your now blushing face. Unable to control yourself any longer you quickly closed the distance between you as your lips crashed against his catching him off guard. " And I Love you Kim Myungsoo more than you can even imagine." You mumbled without pulling your lips away as you both smiled against each others lips.
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