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Yes its here!!! i hope you guys love it the ending is almost near girls i know its a sad thing to say but who knows! will see anyways thanks again for reading all my cards and for this series too your compliments make my day really! i appreciate it ! i love you all happy reading!!! my fanfatics! wanna read from the start ? links down below! - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 - - Part 5 - - Part 7 -
"The Light Pouring, under a sky full of stars, like a dream, the beauty of my life, passes by, since then I knew, I was born to fly, like a butterfly."
Kai dodges the firing bullets, he looks around the neighborhood desperately, while he turns his head back to you to protect you he sees you falling to the ground in slow motion, his reaction was priceless a face of fear, sadness tears falling on his face and his eyes following every inch of you falling slowly to the ground. He suddenly Reacts to getting on top of you to protect you and hug you, he would do anything for you his love for you is unconditional a love that no one else could explain, but sadly the love of his life wont believe him. He hugs you tight,
He could hear steps approaching him he knew it would be lay, He slowly grabs your gun and turns around to blow a bullet on his head when suddenly, "Hyung…"
“its me Sehun” “i come in peace bro” K: “ assssholllleee, why’d you do that!” K: “honey, honey?, honey!!!” “no please no, no this is not happening noooo!” He puts two fingers on your neck and searches for any wounds K: “why sehun, you little fucker, she’s Hurt!” S: “ I’m Sorry she was about to kill you I’ve Been watching all that shit that happened that’s why I did it, plus it’s Just a Fucking arm, relax”
Kai can’t Contain his anger gets up and punches him on the face while hitting him on the face and throwing him to the ground to punch him more he says to Sehun K: “ don’t you ever touch her asshole” Sehun spits blood from his mouth and says to kai S: “ you should be fucking grateful you selfish bastard, I saved your fucking life and this is how you treat me you fucker” Kai just stares at him deaf in the eye, he turns around and walks back to you, K: “ I think she knocked her self out on her head, her head is bleeding too “
Sehun wipes his mouth and says S: “ is her home near here?, I can take you and her on my car, want too?” K: “ yes please I need to clean up her wounds” S: “ hold on let me bring my car” Sehun runs off to bring his care while Kai looks at you and says K: “Still beautiful even knocked out, this is outrageous” He moves your hair from your face and slides a finger on your cheek slowly followed with a Peck on your forehead he softly says K: “ I love you baby, you’ll Be fine I promise you I will always take care of you even if I have to take my life away just for you to live “ “ how I wished you believed me that I really love you so much I can’t even say it in words my love”
Sehun approaches both of you with his car he get out and opens the door while Kai picks you up with his strong arms and lays you down on his lap. Sehun closes the door and gets into the drivers seat, and drives. S: “How far away is it? Hyung?” K: “ seven blocks away, on the seventh block you turn too the right and then you go two more blocks and then to the left, she lives on some yellow apartments” S: “OK, copy that”
The car starts to move, your body was cold you where loosing to much blood, he rips his shirt from his arm and wraps it around yours to apply pressure on the wound. Sehun would look at Kai through the rear view mirror, of Kai taking care of you he would only smile. He said S: “Kai, should I call the other Hyung?” K: “ who?” S: “The Hyung, he’s A doctor “ K: “ aaaah, yeah please” S: “OK I’ll Call him right now”
While Sehun called the doctor, Kai would stare deeply caressing your hair with his hand running through every single hair of your head. S: “hey! Hyung how are you? Yeah that’s Good to hear, hey I have a little side work for you, yeah, see I have a patient for you she just got shot on the arm and one of her main veins was hit and she’s Loosing too much blood, OK see you in a little and yes I’ll Be sending you via text the address, alright? See you in a little, bye” K: “ did he say yes?” S: “ yeah.. “
You guys arrive at the apartments, Sehun opens the door for Kai and he lifts you up and heads inside the apartment, Sehun says S: “ what number? Her apartment? “ K: “ 302” S: “ OK I’ll go and look for parking” Sehun gets inside his car and drives off to look for parking, Kai goes inside and starts climb up the stairs, sweat on his forehead starts to run onto his neck, he stops and lifts you up more. He arrives at the door and puts on the code, he goes inside. He places you on the bed and lays down besides you and stares at you. He smiles, and gets up for a warm wet towel and starts to wipe down all the blood stains on your face, arms, legs, and feet.
-------------Knock Knock Knock --------------- Kai looks through the Camera and sees no one, he grabs your handgun, he takes of the safety button ready too shoot. He waits until they knock again, but no one suddenly Kai turns around and a big huge punch on his face and knocks him to the floor, Kai feeling dizzy trying his best to have a clear view of who that person was and how he’d Get inside her home, all he could see is one guy looking at you. Trying his best to get up he trips and falls,
when suddenly he hears Sehun yelling " Hyung open the door", since he didn’t hear Sehun knew something was happening he could hear Kai fumbling around the house with out responding to him he kicks the door, and tackles the guy.
Kai on the other side trying to help Sehun, by grabbing the handgun that fell to the floor, but fails to do so… Sehun wrestled with him and hit him several times, while Kai on the floor he passes out..
A gun shot was fired… Sehun runs to Kai and start to slap his face screaming S: “ Hyung!, Hyung, wake up!”
"All the small memories, wake up one day at a time, just enough to fill the world and open us up, why not?, the world tells us, wake up, yesterday we where alone, with the countless blank stares, with falling tears again, we endure the day, yesterday was breath taking, with words that we're pouring, they wrap us well, like flower petals, when the night approaches they grow dark, we have lost our strength, let's follow that small distant light, to a distant day, that will send us together, really far away"
thats what my dad says he said i should do this as a book lol should i? @LaurenDimalanta @PrettieeEmm @yaya12
This is so good and I love it!!
yes you are talented. .. I would buy it 😊
omo this is so good!!!!!👌 tag me in the next story I am in love with this story❤❤
I need this to be a movie or a show.. I'll settle for a full lenght series.. it's so good
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