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My bias group is B.A.P. Yongguk & Zelo are my bias in the group. I'm 20 yrs old (September 24 1995). Major-Anthropology Minor-Lingustics. I usually keep to myself when it comes to Fandoms, but I'll try it out. I definitely have Do's and Don't when it comes to things I can tolerate in fandoms (which is one reason why I keep to myself) so I might make a list, just depends on when I can get around to it. (I won't judge you on your views either) @creetheotaku (recommended this app) P.S. My Tumblr ▶ AkeylaK.tumblr.com
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hello I'm kinda new myself as well ^_^
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Welcome!! We're just one big loving family here and won't judge at all! So feel free to post as much as you want💕
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welcome to the family and enjoy the normal flow of fangirling and quizzes and all that we have to offer
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hello hello! Enjoy the app and be prepared for the major feels that comes with it! ❤❤ :3
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