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My bias group is B.A.P. Yongguk & Zelo are my bias in the group. I'm 20 yrs old (September 24 1995). Major-Anthropology Minor-Lingustics. I usually keep to myself when it comes to Fandoms, but I'll try it out. I definitely have Do's and Don't when it comes to things I can tolerate in fandoms (which is one reason why I keep to myself) so I might make a list, just depends on when I can get around to it. (I won't judge you on your views either) @creetheotaku (recommended this app) P.S. My Tumblr ▶ AkeylaK.tumblr.com
hello I'm kinda new myself as well ^_^
Welcome!! We're just one big loving family here and won't judge at all! So feel free to post as much as you want💕
welcome to the family and enjoy the normal flow of fangirling and quizzes and all that we have to offer
hello hello! Enjoy the app and be prepared for the major feels that comes with it! ❤❤ :3
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