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They believed me when I told them what I had saw, which was a nice change from the regular pattern that we had assumed, but it surprised me, because with what I was telling them, well… If I heard myself say it, I would have said, “You're drunk, piss off.” That the naked man just… Pushed his hand through Hunter's head. It was just unfathomable how strong he would have had to be to accomplish that.                    Anyway, when I told them that Hunter was dead,  they ran for the hills, so fast that you could have seen smoke outlines of their figures. I however was curious. I was probably crazy for even thinking twice about going over to the guy who killed someone twice as strong as me, but something about him intrigued me, and I didn't know what.  as soon as I got within earshot of him, he scared the living daylights out of me.                    “You are correct in assuming that you might have a mental incapability.” I nearly dropped to my knees in fright.                     “Did I say that outloud?” I question.                    “No, he says, But you thought it.”   “No way. Stop messing with me.” He looked at me the same way he had when Hunter had said he was insane. He one slow step, than another, then another. He began to walk around me, as a vulture would its prey. He seemed to be assessing me with his eyes. It was definitely creepy. Then he did something that made my blood run cold.                     He put his hand on my head.                 I looked at him, cold, hard fear evident in my eyes. “No! Stop!” I tried to squirm away from him, and the shoulder of my shirt slid down. The detached, vacant look left his eyes, and it's it place, one of pure curiosity.                 “What's that!” He growled. I was to scared to even as what he was talking about. Suddenly, and without warning, he threw me to the ground,                         “What is it! Answer me!” He was pointing at my shoulder. I looked at it. “You mean the birthmark?” He looked at me. Then he started to laugh. In the beginning, it was nothing but a chuckle, Then a laugh, then full out hysteria.                      “Oh, luck smiles upon me today lady. You must come with me.” I was just about ready to burst into tears.                     “My lady, do not be sad, for today you will learn the truth about the world you live in.” Upon hearing this I looked up. That had piqued my interest.                             “What do you me-”                      I was interrupted with a beam of brilliant light shooting down by my feet. Then out of nowhere, the stranger slammed me to the ground and covered my body.                     “Was there anyone with you?” He grunts out.                   “What's going on? I ask, what the hell was that light?” He sighed exasperatedly.                    “I'll explain later, but was there anyone with you?” I blinked, why was this so important to him?                      “Uh, two guys, Gabriel and Keiran.” The stranger looked like he wanted to cry.                    “A compromise I suppose.” He choked out. I was just about ready to snap.                  “What do you mean! Whats going on! I need answers and soon!” He turned slowly to me.                 “You might want answers. But my instincts tell me that you'd prefer to live then be destroyed by Celestial Beams.” My brain was ready to explode. The thin and delicate fabric of reality that I had constructed  had just shattered to pieces. What was he talking about? This was insane!                    “Wait! I exclaimed, This can't be real! this has to be a dream! I broke out of his relaxed grasp and jumped towards the light. The stranger had somehow managed to slam into me midair to try to deflect me from the beam but it wasn't enough.                    A searing pain erupted in my shoulder. It was the greatest pain that I had ever experienced. Every molecule of my being exploded. An enraged white hot fire had litt across my skin, devouring any life hungrily. A scream of anguish forced through my lips. I was a wounded animal, and even worse this wasn't a dream. Through my shaky vision, I thought I saw the stranger fall through the beam in one fluid motion. But that couldn't be. How had he not felt the pain?                   But that didn’t matter now. All that mattered was how tired I was. Exhausted. I needed to sleep. Slowly, my eyes closed,and my grasp on reality faded away.