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With #OSCARSSOWHITE trending and the Academy Awards busy reformulating the ballot rules for its judiciary members, is it at all surprising that it was announced that Joseph Fiennes (who is not black), will be portraying Michael Jackson?!
The yet-to-be released UK Television dramedy follows the lives of Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor as the trio jettison off on a road trip, post 9-11.

What is going on here?!

You're telling me that there isn't ONE BLACK PERSON TO PORTRAY Michael Jackson? Not one, in this entire world? This is too much! #Ridiculousnessrunamok

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Why is everyone freaking out? He was essentially a white dude during the latter part of his life. Wtf am I missing? Why the uproar?
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It's a combination of things. mainly, whether or not he looked white or not, why can't the role go to a legit person of color? honestly, Fiennes doesn't even have the same facial structure of Jackson. it's absurd.
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But in the later part of his life he was, like it or not, a white male. Would anyone really be convinced if a black dude played that role? Fuck that stupid shit. Too many people are just searching for a reason to be offended. Just live your life and enjoy.
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