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It's easier than you might think!

A few people have asked about this, and to be honest I was confused at first as well. But adding videos to your card is actually really easy! So, have a video you want to share with the community? Here's how you do it:
Let the pizza point the way!

1. Click 'add a card'

It's at the bottom of your phone's screen, right in the middle!

2. Click on the + sign!

You'll open a blank card. Follow the robot unicorn and hit the plus (+) sign.

3. Click on 'videos'.

Loki will be happy you did.

4. Paste the video URL into the box.

You're so close! Look at how happy Loki, Robot Unicorn, and Pizza are.

5. Make sure the video is checked, then hit done!

Because you are 300% done.

6. Add a title!

And some more details, if you're feeling adventurous. After that, just add the card to one of your collections, pick your language, and hit done!
If there's a community you think would appreciate your video, don't forget to share it there!

The Marvel community wants you to share!

If there's a funny Marvel blooper we missed, a scene you want to discuss, an interview from one of the MCU actors or directors, or something else Marvel-related you found on video please share it with the Marvel community! We're very friendly ^_^
@LAVONYORK lol I'm glad ^_^ I figure we can link back to this whenever anyone has a question since I've seen it come up a few times. Please steal all you need! @arnelli PIZZA IS LIFE LORD SOFT BOTTOM
That unicorn totally reminded me of Deadpool lmfao! Good card... I'm borrowing it for SPN community
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