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You guys! Jin is in the final round on who's going to be on " We Got Married" 馃槶 my heart is breaking!!! If he wins against Onew from SHINee thens he's going to be married鉁岎煆伙笍
Just look here! Heartbreaks everywhere ! I hope Onew wins馃檹馃徏 but Jin is in the lead! This is horrible I think he is going to win馃槶馃槶馃槶crying for life here!!!
They get chosen I think it's their agency that chooses if they will do it cause it helps with promotion they really aren't getting married it's like a variety show but they make them live together and act like a married couple and everything they do @yaya12
Thanks!! Know I what everyone's worried about....馃槀 @BrendaPham
They meet and slowly live the life of a married couple for the world to see. It's a genuine relationship between the two celebrities that are chosen for the season. @sofiafifi
No not in real life it's a variety show they act married though @JaeneashaJones
i hate that show like literally who made that show i just want to punch them in the face
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