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Anyone a fan of Key + Peele?! I can't believe they have a movie coming out. I thought this trailer was just a skit. So happy that's not the case.
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ANGIE YASSSS. This movie looks SO ridiculous. I like how they made sure to cast the cutest kitten of all time.
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@BelleofRay That end scene got me. Like, I didn't know what to take seriously. I was laughing throughout the entire trailer but the end scene just sold it for me Lol I must watch it
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@danidee I am SUCH a cat person omg. This is the perfect movie for me
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee Me too! I love how they made the kitten an actual actor/actress, that's where u was sold @aabxo
2 years ago·Reply
that looks fantastic
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