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gotta stand up for yourself and for those who can't. even if you get knocked down, it's better to stand for what you believe in
just punch them out cause most of the time the bullies won't fight back they rely on intimidation that's their greatest weapon till they really have to put there words into action even then they will be surprised when they see you strike back
That's so true Goku should be a president lol I approve this message lol
these new generation are horrible i got kids crying cuz someone said he was bald another hes crying cuz someone said he was dumb like kid man up say fuck u n move on there r serious bullying stuff going on n ppl dont do shit bout em if u give one good bunch garentee theyll leave u alone but honestly kids gotta learn how to fight back
back when I was in school I would bully the bullies......... I had so much detention for that
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