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Truth we need kids that aren't wimpy little go with the flow brats
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back when I was in school I would bully the bullies......... I had so much detention for that
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these new generation are horrible i got kids crying cuz someone said he was bald another hes crying cuz someone said he was dumb like kid man up say fuck u n move on there r serious bullying stuff going on n ppl dont do shit bout em if u give one good bunch garentee theyll leave u alone but honestly kids gotta learn how to fight back
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i had a parent flip out on me cuz someone said their kid was stupid wat actually happen was the kid said the answer he gave was stupid but course her lil baby is always right thwn two wakes later he makes another kid cry cuz he called him stupid seriously ppl use to make fun of me n my bro for wearing glasses i got back at them they complained to teacher n teacher didnt believe them cuz i was always a good kid ^-^ he never bugged me n my bro again
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That's so true Goku should be a president lol I approve this message lol
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