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Everyone has superpowers. No really, you don't have to be an actual hero to have superpowers. A superpower can be a quality that you bring to a relationship/personal dynamics that is extraordinary. Something that maybe the rest of the world does have. And a lot of it has to do with your personality.
Here are your relationship superpowers!

INTJ - Clarity

You are able to think and make decisions not influenced by feelings, worries, and every-day frustrations. This will help if you have to make a tough decision in the future with your partner. You will be able to understand what is best for you with clarity.

ISTP - Tricks

You always have some surprise or trick up your sleeve. Your ability to surprise and excite your partner is something they deeply appreciate about you.

INFP - Wisdom

INFPs are natural "old souls" with a deep understanding of the world and people. They care deeply for their partners, and are able to not be bothered by petty arguments.

INFJ - Foresight

You have the natural ability to predict the future. Not in a weird way, just in a way where you maybe be able to predict other's reactions, or potential. This helps when dealing with situations in relationships. You can tell if it will last or no.

ISTJ - Practicality

You are also very practical when it comes to decisions, and have a good understanding what is best for you. When you apply this to relationships with people? Well, you can understand what's best for your partner too.

INTP - Rationality

When confronting problems in a relationship, you are able to take out your personal biases, and talk it out. You are rational when in a relationship, careful not to rush things or push your partner into thing they might not be ready for emotionally.

ISFP - Individualism

This personality type is totally good with being themselves, even in front of their partner. They love to share what they are into, and their . And if someone doesn't like that? Well, they avoid those people.

ENTJ - Decisiveness

You are never wishy-washy when it comes to relationship stuff. You know what you want and are willing to go after it. You also are able to make easy decisions for you and your partner on a moments notice.

ENFJ - Natural Confidence

You exude a natural confidence that draws people to you. This is particularly good for a relationship because your partner will always deeply trust you and your ability to navigate the relationship.

ENFP - Inspiration

You have the natural ability to inspire the people around you. This is particularly helpful for your partner, who even though they might not be confident in themselves, you are able to give them that power!

ENTP - Thinking Outside-The-Box

You are a creative type and are genuinely open-minded, so when a problem or situation arises in your relationship, you are ability to think of creative and open ideas. You partner will be amazed by your uniqueness.

ESFP - Charm

You are an excellent conversationalist with a lot of confidence. Your partner will be amazed and excited by your ability to keep the conversation going and keep their attention.

ESTP - Capability

You have the ability to face any situation! Even if the problem is something that may seem unsolvable, you are the person to get through it! This is particularly good in a relationship when deal with struggle/conflict.
Not sure what yours Myer-Briggs Type is? Take the quiz HERE and report back if you'd like to be tagged in the next one!

How'd I do?! Any other superpower you or your partner has?

Foresight so true I predicted the exact ending to how I met your mother.
Yes people mention my Practicality often. They call it other names but we will go with practical.
INFJ. Never took that test before. Interesting. Sure, tag me in in the future.
Woo that's awesome to hear that I'm pretty on track @dropuentex @AnimeLove300
yeah I think they were better than Barney and Robin honestly @szewwy but I never thought they would change the whole plot of it!
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