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There weren't a lot of video games for me to play when I was a kid. We had a NES but my brother was always playing it so I was constantly left out of the gaming world unless my dad was home. He had a computer that had games like DOOM, Duke Nukem, and Quake on them. These were the first First-Person Shooters I've ever played.
They all had something in common. There were a lot of bad guys (whether that be aliens, or actual pigs, or other players) and you had a lot of bullets and you just had to shoot them. That's it. There was a story to these games but they were barely there. So all of the focus went on getting cool looking guns and shooting and gross looking aliens.
And as you know, FPS games don't do that anymore. There's either a level of realism to the game or you're only allowed to hold two guns or everything your shooting at looks like a humanoid thing. There are games like Halo that have alien bad guys. But it still doesn't have that weird twitchy charm that the games of the 90s had.
Hard Reset: Redux looks to alleviate that. After watching the trailer (above), I realize that it's trying to capture the action and gameplay of games like Quake or Painkiller and even Serious Sam. These aren't really bad things and I'm not really into these kind of games. But...

I can't help but feel hype about all the action the trailer showcased.

Even though I'm all about pushing the medium of video games, sometimes you need the popcorn-blockbuster-vapid piece of thing that exists for fun. And this looks like it could be that for me. The same way there are movies like Transformers or GI Joe in theaters (and I love watching those movies because they're always ridiculous) games like Hard Reset: Redux need to exist and I can't wait till this game comes out.
Hard Reset: Redux will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in the near future.
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this looks awesome. i love sci-fi, and when you combine it with guns, and more sci-fi guns, you're getting what looks like this pure, adreline-filled, action packed game. thanks for this card, I'll keep an eye out