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When I was in Elementary School, there weren't iPads or Minecrafts to help me learn. Instead, I had a bunch of shoeboxes that I had to make dioramas inside. Little cardboard scenes of the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs, or maybe just of an Oasis in the desert, or maybe just the band Oasis in the desert. It didn't matter, I just made a bunch of these and got graded on my skill with a hot glue gun.
I haven't thought about these memories in a long time. Not until I saw these amazing dioramas of old NES games on DeviantArt. They're honestly some of the coolest pieces of fan-made art things I've ever seen. I especially love the Mega Man 2 diorama (mostly because I just love Mega Man). But mbgreen78 posted a bunch more he did on his DeviantArt profile.
Here's a classic one of World 1-4 from Super Mario Bros. I like this one because it's almost as if it's being played in front of me. I, of course, know that the thing isn't being played because it's made of cardboard but I like using my imagination, alright? I love looking at this little thing.
Here's one of the more iconic moments in Legend of Zelda. I kind of wish that I could purchase a larger version of this and place it somewhere in my bedroom. Even though "It's dangerous to go alone" refers to a sword that little pixel Link is getting, it's also a good remind for life. Sometimes making yourself an island in a sea of beautiful fishes is the wrong course of action. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you have to put yourself out there and learn how to swim.
If you want to see the rest of the games he made dioramas for, you can do so here.
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These are so cool! Especially the Mario one~