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Hey there, my sweet, adorable Lovebugs! Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought – why not all celebrate together?!
Community Support @nicolejb and I did a little brainstorming, and came up with this idea: Cupid's Countdown! One card every day counting down to Valentine's Day, starting February 1st and running through the 14th. They'd cover fun love-themed activities, recipes, gift ideas, etc. for single and taken people alike! :D
What do you guys think?! We'd love to get your opinions and ideas to make this event awesome. :)

Cupid's Countdown Themes

We were thinking it would be more fun if we could get a bunch of different people to chip in with card writing, so that we could get lots of different voices and perspectives! Basically, whoever wants to can just volunteer to write the card (it can be simple and short!) for the day/theme that appeals to them.
Here are the themes we came up with (but these can be changed according to your ideas and what works for people!):


1 - Cupid's Countdown Begins! A Girl's and Guy's Perspective on Valentine's Day
2 - How to Pull Off The Perfect V-Day Kiss! ;) - @AlloBaber
3 - DIY Gift Ideas from the Heart <3 @VeronicaArtino
4 - FML! Single on Valentine's Day -__- @SeoInHan
5 - Romantic Valentines Date Ideas - @VeronicaArtino and @marshalledgar AND @arnelli! :D
6 - Gifts For Your S.O. (That You Can Buy Online) - @InPlainSight
7 - How to Stage Your Own Meet Cute ;) - @nicolejb
8 - (Chocolate?!) Dessert Recipe/V-Day Recipe! – @NickySerban and @Danse
9 - Cocktails and Mocktails – @VanessaSimmons
10 - Singles: How to Celebrate Galentines Day! (Or...Broentines?) - @SeoInHan and @MajahnNelson!
11 - Rom Com Movies to Watch on V-Day :) @EasternShell <3
12 - NO ROMANCE ALLOWED: Anti-Valentines Day Movies! @shannonl5
13 - How to Get A Last-Minute Valentine
14 - Valentine's Day! How To Set The Mood ;) - Community Brainstorming Event led by @AlloBaber and @EasternShell
So, in summary, we need your help! :D I know @nicolejb aren't the only ones in this community with awesome ideas about love. ;) We can't do this alone, so let us know – who wants to volunteer?! Anything we can change??
Let's make this the best Vingle Valentines Day ever!!! :D
The fact that you know there's a difference is proof that you're a crafter. There's glitter in your eyes @inplainsight
I can do number 5 for sure and maybe some other cards.
Woo you all are awesome!!! I can do whatever is leftover :D
I can do a valentines gift one @AlloBaber
@InPlainSight @MissB82 Can I just say... you guys are the best comedy duo act I've ever seen. You've changed my life. This is worth THREE locks of hair!!! Bravo!!!! :DDD
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