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LEGO idea user Carlierti has gone above and beyond the world of LEGO. Thanks to a neat program called LEGO Ideas set up by the company itself, it allows users to set up a profile and create concepts for new LEGO products. Carlierti has taken that idea to a whole new level by recreating some of Ratatouille's most famous characters and scenes.
The huge Pixar movie is turning 10 years old next year which makes Carlierti's concept very timely. If LEGO decides his concept is physically and financially viable, he's one step closer to production. Also, Carlierti must receive 10,000 votes of approval from fellow LEGO Idea users to be even considered.
The designs are truly amazing and already have the look of a mainstream product. For now, all we can do is scroll through the concept photos and hope user Carlierti makes it.
What an awesome tribute to Calierti's favorite Pixar movie.

What do you think of his designs?

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Really...10 years?? Whoa!