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I chose to join Vine because I want to express my creativity out to the world. I love blogging and photography alot. I also love art, music and traveling. I have so many interests it sometimes becomes a problem to chose my favorite of something. My name is Savannah and I am 12 years old. But what I love most in the world is cats. I practically worship cats. I treasure them with all my heart. When I hear music, I change it into a cat parody. I watch cat videos and look at cat photos when I'm sad or bored. I collect stuffed cats; I have about 6 right now. And this is all just because I got a cat. So join me on my adventures.....If you like cats, you'll love my posts.
Woah, did I just meet my doppelganger, mew?
hey hi I like your post . I too love cats and they r always ur good friends
Welcome to Vingle馃榾
Hahah nice! Welcome to Vingle :)
I love cats too!
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