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Have you ever went to a party full of people and you scan the ones that might be great to talk to? I have and most of the time, I stay at home and avoid certain death. Well, half the time anyway. However, I noticed some facts about extroverts and introverts: the loud, charismatic, and energetic creatures, and the quiet, creative, and nonetheless also noisy (in their own mind) creatures. Each one has a specific characteristic they handle and I like to discuss them.
The main reason extroverts are loud is because introverts are embarrassed or nervous to attempt their social obligations with them. Nothing wrong with that. They have every right to be loud and silent. By the way, if you don’t think this is true, check the science behind it. Have you heard of The Lemon Juice experiment? Supposedly you can examine a person’s personality just by giving them a lemon and squeezing the juice in their mouth. They say “life gives you lemons”, I say life gives an answer to what a person is like just by giving them a lemon. Then you throw the lemon at their face. You want to see that funny look they have. That’s life. Anyway, it has to do with a part of your brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it’s the response you get of eating food or going into social contact. It also controls the amount of the liquid in your mouth. It also overflows from your mouth just to let everyone know you’re a good spitball catcher. Okay that last part isn’t true. Unless it’s a fetish you have, in this case, I’m not eating or talking with you. The theory behind The Lemon Juice experiment is that extroverts have very little of a stimulus response when tasting the lemon juice which means they require more juice in order to produce more saliva and can be comfortable to be around a group of people in a social situation. Whereas introverts get a very high stimulus to the taste of lemon juice, but because the RAS has a strong response, they are more likely to need a little bit of time in order to be suited to talk to people. Try it sometime. After you’ve had a lemon fight with your friends and sticking them down your shirt (or pants for that matter), cut up a piece of a lemon and have your friends try it out. This blog post is brought to you by the Lemon Head Warfare Lounge and their newest item The Lemon Head explosion juice drink. It’s so good it makes your mouth and head cave in. I wish it was an actual sponsor. Oh well.
This may seem out dated and far-fetched, but regarding how extroverts are, it’s important to know the differences they have and wacky adventures they go through versus introverts, which is the second part I’ll get to later. Think of it like this: When one the biggest gatherings of the world starts and everyone from every country comes together in one big spot on Earth, they are not only given a polite invitation to join the weirdoes, sex addicts, furry lovers, cosplayers, hunters, serial killers, sociopaths, and religious fanatics to drop by say “hello” and grab a drink or two, they look for a certain person, or large groups they feel comfortable with. Meanwhile the ones who are less active and say few words are left out in the open, looking for an opportunity to quickly leave the premises and just look at the sky and imagine how the world hasn’t ended or wonder if they are adopted and from another planet.
Now in the interest of discovery, extroverts like to be in the spotlight. They are the attention whores of the human race. Sometimes they embarrass themselves or attempt to engulf all the added energy around other individuals and expand their social attachments. Introverts know deep down that extroverts are fucking loud. I’m not pointing out the fact that these people are annoying, I’m simply being evident and clearly adding the baggage extroverts have under their electrifying brains, and the same goes with introverts. However, it doesn’t mean extroverts should be excluded from the rest of the crowd.
It’s normal.
It’s their way of being themselves. They have a fun side to them: they are extremely friendly, courteous, and overall they are energized at being around people. If you really want to see them feel a bit down on themselves, just isolate them from other groups of people. Without other extroverts or normal people, they would be all alone. They would tone down like introverts do, except it wouldn’t be a comfortable situation.
On the plus side, extroverts have a good life. They enjoy working in groups, act without thinking, look for other ideas that hasn’t worked before, and for raw emotion; they talk about feelings. Any kind of mood rather it’s happy, sad, or murderous, they always have the nerve to talk to you about their personal matters. They also like to strike conversations to total strangers. Even when they haven’t fully observed closely at their appearances. “Hello, I just love that pair of pants you got there” “I have no pants on, you nitwit. I’m a hobo.” Of course, it wouldn’t be a surprise at exploring genuine opportunities at raising the level of awareness extroverts have and be embarrassed as a result sometimes.
When up to the task of interacting with people, they feel a flow of energy after allowing to open up to others on a certain topic. This is good whenever they have a shitty day. And if you really want to see them go the distance, give them a good dose of caffeine and watch them go wild and adventurous like the Animaniacs. Preferably Wacko (or if it’s a female, go with Dot). You might be thinking “what kind of things do extroverts talk about?” Anything. Anything as long as someone opens their mouth and yams all the yam yams they want to push out. But just to be specific, here are some general subjects: Friends, family, pets, cars, celebrities, clothes, jewelry, fragrances, shoes, music, DJs, hot people, hot sex, hot places, cold places, cold cuts, cold shoulders, cold breezes, emails, phone calls, text messages, and fucking social website notifications. Yes, the big subject that’s popular among the masses: online social media and the noisy announcements they receive when someone “comments” or “likes” some post they make or from another person which leads the extrovert to release a jumbo size amount of responses only to become a constant source of attention they spill out later.
Oh, and let’s not forget about the part where they look for inspirations. There’s an emotional quo that gets them all warm inside. Talking about how they like to work well with groups, extroverts work great at getting a career from the ridiculous job market. It makes sense that extroverts have a positive outlook and adapting further in society. It increases their leadership skills and productivity in public and economic relations. They get shit done. Whereas introverts are not bothered by these tendencies. They never say anything, nor do they participant in what might happen when they are forced to by part of a team that may or may not fuck up. I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m not with those people.
Anyways, the final thing about extroverts is that they value themselves because of all the shit they put up with. When they reach the top, they always like to go out big. One quick party hardy, a few gang bangs, and falling straight down hard is another way of expressing how fun they can be, even when they have to do at random moment.
I’ll be back with part 2 tomorrow. Today was lively and I’m gonna crash, mew.
So this is interesting but there is a quick misconception you should probably talk about and clear up. Introvert and extrovert are words that we generally pair with the actions that society pairs them with. Whenever we see someone describe and introvert, they will say things like quiet and keeps to themself. And while many introverts can be described in these ways, that is not the definition of introvert. Introvert, as defined by Merriam Webster, is to turn inward upon oneself. I personally am an introvert, but could not possibly be categorized as quiet or unsociable. I am vivacious, loud, and I have been called a great conversationalist. Many other introverts have the same scenario. Introverts are people who require certain amounts of alone time to rest and reconcile, while extroverts can grow and learn and rest around people. It doesn't relate to how sociable a person is. Society has stricken us all into believing this misconception through media and criticisms. As a reader, I would appreciate some sort of mention about this in part two and am looking forward to reading your next work. Good job! @Patmanmeow @nicolejb
Exactly!!! @BrendanFred my interpretation of introvert and extrovert are also about where people get their "energy" for example, my best friend is loud and love people, but she's an introvert because she needs her alone time to feel more energized in the world. whereas, for me, an extrovert, I get my energy from being around people. though I still like being alone too!
@nicolejb Yeah, the smallest experiments in psychology are the most interesting.
wow. the lemon juice experiment seems awesome...and it actually makes a lot of sense. I'm pretty fascinated by MBTI myself.