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The Eagles have some tough personnel decisions to make this off-season.
Over the past three years, the Eagles gutted their roster and went into rebuild mode to find players that fit their once highly touted coach Chip Kelly. Now that Chip is out of town, Philly has to start all over again.
One of the tough choices for the team is with starting quarterback Sam Bradford.
The Philadelphia Eagles will have to make a decision on whether to pay Bradford like a franchise quarterback.
Last year, at the NFL owners meetings, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie summed up the importance of the decisions facing his team this year.
“The only model to me that correlates to having big success in the NFL is having a Hall of Fame, franchise quarterback,” Lurie said. “The best structure is a franchise quarterback that’s going to play for 10 to 15 years for your franchise.”
Sam is a former #1 overall pick, and despite his past injury issues with the Rams, Bradford was very solid last year in Philly. In 2016, he threw for 3,600 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Should The Eagles Re-Sign Sam Bradford?

@ChrisStephens I agree, I thought he was solid this year and as their pieces get more experience he could get better
@bobs ehh.. they were 7-9 this year, but they totally gutted their roster. I think they can improve on that mark this year for sure
@ChrisSantiago I thought he was solid considering how shaky their running game was, how young their WR core was and the fact he played in a new system
@mchlyang That's the thing, I think they have a couple other holes in their roster that need fixing more than Bradford. Probably makes more sense to hold onto him and draft a qb down the line
If the numbers are there then they should keep him as the franchise quarterback and find other players to help the team
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