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There's nothing like a nice set of lingerie.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get your bra and panties sets poppin'. Whether you're in a relationship or single, every woman deserves to have at least one sexy set neatly tucked away in her drawer. A little bit of lace and silk ain't never hurt nobody. When you look good, you feel good and even if you're the only one seeing your undergarments -- at least you look good.
Something about a nice piece of lingerie just makes you feel like a woman -- Shania Twain said it best. All my single ladies and all my ladies whose heart is gladly taken, keep scrolling to see five pieces of lingerie every woman should have in their possession.

The Black Lace Bra

Every woman should own a sexy lace bra. Neutral colors are always your best bet, specifically black.

The Black Lace Panties

Like the lace bra, you should also own a pair of lace panties that are comfortable. Lace can sometimes be irritating, make sure you purchase good quality underwear.

The Silk Robe

There's nothing more feminine and sultry than a silk robe.

The Silk Pajama Set

Think silk robe, but ten times better. TLC had the silk robes poppin' in their 'Creep' video [see here] -- it's only right that you follow suit.

The Lace Teddy

I know I'm not the only one curious where the name teddy came from, but the fact of the matter is that this is a nice little piece to have tucked away for a rainy day. Because who doesn't love laying around the house looking sexy for absolutely no reason?

Who needs Valentine's Day?

You can look sexy every day.