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You didn't read that title wrong. GameStop, the video game retailer, will be publishing their first video game. Coming to us from Insomniac -- the company most known for Ratchet and Clank -- is the game Song of the Deep which is a "metroidvania-style action adventure game" (which sounds like something I've written about a couple weeks ago).
As much as I'm excited for a new game by Insomniac, I'm really surprised at the fact that they went with GameStop to publish the game. It's going to be a GameStop exclusive. Which is something I don't really understand. If it means that I can only pick it up if I leave my house and enter into one of those horrible stores (I used to work at GameStop for like 3 years and I hate the place now), then I probably won't pick it up.
That aside, the game looks really interesting. Even though I'll probably describe it as a cleaner looking version of that indie game with a super long title, it's definitely a lot different than that. It looks like the game's story is a big part of the reason why the main character is in the deep ocean.
I hope that I could digitally download this title instead of going into the worst video game store to ever have existed, though.
Song of the Deep will be released sometime during the Summer of 2016.
@MaighdlinS I absolutely hate when that happens. it takes a lot for me to pick up a game nowadays. I remember getting so hype for Assassin's Creed Unity and then just not liking it. I mean everything was there, I should have but I just didn't get into it.
this seems really cool. it's not usually the type of game I play so in reality I'd probably get it... and then end up not getting into it much which is kind of a bummer.
@paulisadroid I go crazy for metroidvania style games.
@InVinsybll you're my favorite kind of insane person
so both things.
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