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Our 8th short story has been posted so please go check it out ^.^ If you would like a story dedicated to you, feel free to message me or @flxvour for a request!!! Give us your name, a member and a scenario if you have one (you don't have to though)
The stories are posted on Wattpad. The account is: bangtanbxmb You can also follow the link: http://w.tt/1QvQ76W
Thank you @ScarletMermaid for the request!! This one was really fun to write!
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That was so short, you got me hooked with just a couple of lines can't wait!!!
@ScarletMermaid aww!! this makes me so happy!! and nO, THANK YOU.
@VIPFreak2NE1 well hello, would you like to do a request 馃槒馃槒 hahaha. thank you, btw.
@flxvour Well, I don't usually make requests and currently, I have too many ideas to say, can you just stick to writing this story? I want to know what happens!馃榿馃榿馃榿