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ohhhh my am marrying Jiminii !!! Lots of abs to seeee
Awww kookie is the best man... how cute and ... nice or so you thought... hehe wait for the rest you will see... lots of drama
Sugar!!! My first love!! How nice...
Wait what? The best man crashing the wedding... oops now that's a turn..
Awwwe I am marrying my best friend... how adorable!! Tbh I always wanted to marry my best guy friend.. unfortunately .... I don't have a best guy friend
Tae!!! My bias!! Drunk?!! Omg Well ... PS (he probably had a crush on me shhh) Lol how I wish that was true
Kookie!! Damn this best man is up to too much mischief with the bride.. Haha You stole a kiss from the bride and then ruin the wedding?? Or You ruin the wedding and then steal the kiss.. or .. or You stole a kiss which ruined the wedding..
Anyways I know I should just write a story... my BTS wedding is dramatic enough to be top worldwide Bye bye