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Sales are dropping, should the Big 2 change tactics?

Now, there's no need to panic. Comic book sales wax and wane. It's always been the case, and now that both Marvel and DC are seeing huge returns on their investment in their film and television franchises neither company is going under any time soon. But with so many new fans, this drop does beg the question: What makes people buy a comic book in the first place?

What does it for you?

Is it the characters? The writer or artist? The price? Have you been sticking to digital because you can't find anyone nearby that will sell you a hard copy?
And if you've never bought a comic: What would convince you to make your first purchase?
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@OctoberHymns great points! @DigitalJediX and I have talked a bit about how digital has really helped new fans. Being able to subscribe for a monthly fee to access everything means new fans can read the older arcs faster and won't have to feel alienated because they're new. I think you're definitely right, it's hard to strike a balance when it comes to writing because you want new people to feel like they can join in, but you don't want to keep re-inventing the wheel because it will hurt the story and you'll lose the loyalty you might have had.
the writer but not really it's more the way to story is told, the art can be great and the character can be my favorite but if I find the story boring I wont bother with it
@OctoberHymns is Injustice awesome? It looks awesome. I like the game.
@InVinsybll I am a ridiculously huge Harley Quinn fan. Injustice has the best version of Harley Quinn since the DC universe reboot. Plus it does follow the game pretty well for the most part and anytime Green Arrow can show his trademark snark to Batman is awesome. Also Quinn, Green Arrow, and Black Canary take on Lobo
@OctoberHymns I agree 100% about your Harley Quinn statement. I'd buy me some comics out the ass though, if there was lesbian Harley and Poison Ivy shit... throw Star Fire with Raven... yes.