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This is what the inside looks like , I'm literally got this a minute ago and cant wait to see whats inside !
Frist Im introduced with a post card like picture of Naruto, Kushina, And minato
Trust me it looks better in person my lighting is bad ... But here we have Naruto and Hinata holding hands from the great ninja war ... which were still on in the anime -.- I want some action but the filler isnt that bad tbh
Next is my Boy Gara ! its a small plushie ! about the size of a dvd .
Next have the gold figure that everyone and there momma can find no problem if you pre order storm 4 special addition but i already got one here so i just pre ordered the regular edtion
I decided to put these together , Its a sauske figure and a Deidara keychain , And does anyone else think Deidara would make a good hispster ??? Just a thought!
Not that relavent but i already have a itachi key chain so the Deidara one will be on there to ! Let me know if you enjoyed this . Thank You (:
I'm still waiting on mine
That's awesome
This is awesome! Especially the keychain and figurine!
ah ok^^ @IvanDiaz
if you click it through fb you can save $3 a month
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