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Ah, the days of my youth. A saccharine time in my life filled with Saturday morning cartoons, days in the park, playstation games, and toonami programming.
One of the things I remember really loving when I was young was the anime Medabots. Honestly for a long time I didn't even consider this show an anime because I think it came on the Saturday morning cartoon block for me, with american cartoons as well. Cubix I think was one of the shows it went back-to-back with.
As it turns out, it totally is, and therefore it deserves a shoutout in Throwback Thursday!

You had Metabee, the little bot with a lot to prove...

And Ikki, the kid who finds him and trains with him.

I don't really remember much of the anime, but I remember it being a lot of fun as a kid and action packed enough to keep my attention.

The fights were cool and colorful, and the stakes were appropriately high. LOOK AT HIM DODGE THAT FIRE.

So yeah, here's a salute to the tiny fighting bots of my childhood.


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I loved this anime! So many memories, I remember there was a metabot that was like a mermaid馃榿 and I wanted one xD
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"float like a butterfly, sting like a bot"
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@DebbyLindsay I had the little one of that where you could swap parts along with Metabee and a few more but one day they all vanished
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@InVinsybll @EmilyPeacock I LOVED THE CYBEAST GREGAR!!!
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