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Describe Iron Man to a Total Newbie

Just for kicks...

... Imagine a person who has somehow managed to avoid the Marvel mania that struck in 2008 and hasn't let up since. (I dunno, maybe they were trapped in another dimension for a while). Now that the shock has worn off, this person is bored and needs something to watch. Pitch the Iron Man movies to them.
Hugs for whoever convinces all of us to re-watch them.
An egocentric, industrialist who turns out to be a genius as he builds a suit of armor to escape his kidnappers and develop into an unlikely hero.
*taps mic* I haven't watched the Iron Man movies. I was trapped in another dimension possibly. *slowly walks away and braces for impact*
A Billionaire that was kidnapped the Genius decided to escape with a iron suit. many battles with the goverment. saves world with S.H.E.A.L.D but never really likes Captain America
A genius kidnapped! His daring escape, but there's evil afoot! What in the world is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist to do?! Build a suit of armor, that's what!
A warmongering playboy billionaire genius, who builds a powered up suit in order to not only stay alive, but also escape his captors. After barely escaping, he rethinks his impact on the world and decides his newfound armor and experience should be used to help save the world rather than destroy it.
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