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Just for kicks...

... Imagine a person who has somehow managed to avoid the Marvel mania that struck in 2008 and hasn't let up since. (I dunno, maybe they were trapped in another dimension for a while). Now that the shock has worn off, this person is bored and needs something to watch. Pitch the Iron Man movies to them.
Hugs for whoever convinces all of us to re-watch them.
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@shannonl5 it was interesting. It was a dimension without shrimp. Haha.
@agoose007 huh. I guess I wouldn't miss shrimp, but I'd be sad without the Iron Man movies. Think you'll watch them now that you're back?
@shannonl5 I don't know. Is this peer pressure? Haha. I might Iron Man doesn't seem really relatable to me.
@agoose007 haha no we don't peer pressure here :D I for one can definitely not relate to flying around in a metal suit of armor (at the very least I think I'd get car sick) but then again I don't watch the movies to relate to them I think haha
@shannonl haha you have a point there.